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Landscaping Supplies

We provide a broad range of landscaping supplies for your garden.

These include:

  • premium soils for your garden and lawn,

  • decorative pebbles, crushed stones and aggregates,

  • jarrah edging and pegs,

  • packing sand for paving, granitic sand for paths and triple washed sand for sandpits;

  • mudrock and landscaping rocks;

  • mulch, pine bark and coloured woodchips, and

  • mushroom compost.

For your garden construction, we can provide treated pine sleepers in a range of sizes, C and H channel steel to suit, sand, blue metal aggregate, cement, and concrete mix.

Landscaping Supplies

Building and Fencing Supplies

We carry a handy range of building and fencing supplies, including:

  • brickies red waterproofer, wall ties, expansion foam,

  • Mongrel work boots, and gumboots,

  • hand tools such as shovels, rakes, levels etc,

  • PVC storm water and slotted pipe and fittings,

  • rapid set mortar and concrete mix,

  • treated pine posts, star pickets,

  • farm gates and gate hinge sets,

  • hinged joint wire, ring lock wire,trellis wire, wire netting, bird netting and barbed wire, and

  • electric fence cables, tapes, insulators and fence energisers

Building and Fencing Supplies


For your garden we stock:

  • Fertilisers such as Better Grow Organic Fertiliser, All Purpose Plant Food, Seasol,Charlie Carp, NatraSol, Osmocote, Dynamic Lifter, Tomato food,

  • Better Grow Potting mixes,

  • Soil pH testing kits,

  • Weed killers,

  • Decorative art pieces,

  • Water features, and

  • Watering Kits and irrigation fittings.



We carry a range of stockfeeds for your horse, dog, chooks, pig, goats, rabbits, guinea pigs and sheep.

We stock a broad range of Perry’s, Barastoc, Hygain, Prydes and Mitavite horse feeds as well as chaffs, pasture, lucerne, rye and oaten hays.

For poultry, we stock Golden Yolk, Complete Poultry, Eggs 4 Sure, Lucky Layer, Chick Starter and Pullet feeds, wheat, whole and crushed maize, gamebird starter and finisher.

For your dog, we stock BlackHawk, Pro Plan, Box 1, Coprice Family Dog and Working Dog, Dogpro Working Dog, Balanced and Puppy and the Purina SuperCoat range.

For your cat we stock Fancy Feast, Friskies, Whiskas, Advance, Purina SuperCoat, Pro Plan foods and a range of cat litters.

For your birds, we stock budgie, finch, pigeon, parrot, a small parrot, wild bird and sunflower seeds.



We stock and sell dry split Redgum firewood and kindling. We have a reliable supply and split our firewood. All our firewood is sold by weight, so you know you get what you pay for.



We supply and can deliver and install Elgas 45kg LPG bottled gas, and Swap & Go BBQ gas bottles.


Special Orders

We can order and supply water tanks and pumps as a special order item.

We specialise in bulk deliveries so if you have a large project, let us provide you with a quote.

We are open 7 days a week and can deliver to you. Call in and say hello or telephone on 5783 1773.


Special Orders